I created some PDFs that you can print and give to customers. Troop 308 versions are on the top. More generic Scouts and Cub Scouts below.

Troop 308 Specific

The first one you can give to a customer as a thank you. Use this if you have the products on hand.

The second one is if you don’t have the popcorn on hand. Use a parent’s/guardian’s phone number, not the scout’s.

The last one is used for those orders you have to go back and deliver but the customer isn’t home. Again, the phone number is that of the parent or guardian and not the scout:

The thin lines around the edges are there just to show you where you can cut out the cards.


Thank you’s

Cub scouts: 4 per page: (Color)

Black and White:

Cub scouts: 8 per page:


Scouts (generic):

Cub scouts: (Color) (B&W)

“Missed you” – when trying to deliver popcorn:

Scouts BSA:

Cub Scouts:

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