Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

General Information

Type Appointed by Senior Patrol Leader & Approved by the Scoutmaster
Term 6 months
Guided by Senior Patrol Leader
Mentored by Scoutmaster, Committee Chair
Description The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader is the second highest ranking patrol leader in the troop.  The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader acts as the Senior Patrol Leader in the absence of the SPL or when called upon.  They also provide leadership to the other junior leaders in the troop
Comments The most important part of the ASPL position is their work with other junior leaders.  The ASPL should be familiar with all other positions and stay current with the work being done


Preferred Age At least 13 years old
Rank First Class or higher
Experience Previously served in troop leadership position
Attendance 50% over previous 6 months

Specific Leadership Responsibilities

  • Helps the Senior Patrol Leader lead meetings and activities
  • Runs the troop in the absence of the Senior Patrol Leader
  • Helps train and supervise the Scribe, Quartermaster, Instructors, Librarian, Historian, and Chaplain Aide
  • Serves as a member of the Patrol Leader’s Council

More Information