Senior Patrol Leader

General Information

Type Elected by members of the troop & Approved by Scoutmaster
Term 12 months
Guided by Scoutmaster
Mentored by Scoutmaster, Committee Chair
Description The Senior Patrol Leader is elected by the Scouts to represent them as the top junior leader in the troop
Comments The Senior Patrol Leader is the focal point of the troop.  They need to attend as close to all troop functions as possible.


Preferred Age At least 14 years old
Rank Star or higher
Experience Previously served in troop leadership position, NYLT Preferred
Attendance 75% over previous 6 months

Specific Leadership Responsibilities

  • Runs all troop meetings, events, activities, and the annual program planning conference
  • Runs the Patrol Leaders’ Council meeting
  • Appoints other troop junior leaders with the advice and counsel of the Scoutmaster
  • Assigns duties and responsibilities to ASPLs and other junior leaders
  • Assists the Scoutmaster with Junior Leadership Training

More Information