Troop Leadership November 2013 to April 2014

Troop 308 Leadership November 2013 to April 2014
SCOUT RANK Pocketflap nbz Pahuk_Pride Trained LEADERSHIP POSITION
Evan W Life OA-sash-ordeal Brave Pahuk_Pride Trained Senior Patrol Leader
Ian D Life OA-sash-ordeal Brave Assistant Senior Patrol Leader; Patrol Scribe
Jason G Star Trained Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Sean C Star Trained Troop Quartermaster; Patrol Quartermaster
Skylar A Star OA-sash-ordeal Troop Asst. Qtrmaster; Patrol Scribe
Glen H First Class Troop Scribe
Noah S First Class Troop Librarian; Patrol Chaplain’s Aide
Shane H Star Troop Historian; Asst. Patrol Leader
Carter W Trained Troop Chaplain Aide; Patrol Chaplain’s Aide
Quinn M Life OA-sash-ordeal Pahuk_Pride Trained Troop OA Rep; Patrol Scribe
Alexander Si. Life OA-sash-ordeal Brave Nani-Ba-Zhu Rep; Patrol Chaplain’s Aide
Dylan F Star Trained Leave No Trace Trainer
Keegan B Star Troop Bugler; Patrol Quartermaster
Owen D First Class Trained Troop Bugler; Patrol Chaplain;s Aide
Ray H First Class Trained Troop Webmaster; Patrol Chaplain’s Aide
Bryce M Life OA-sash-ordeal Brave Trained Troop Instructor (Fire’n Chit); Patrol Chaplain’s Aide;
James A Life OA-sash-ordeal Brave Trained Troop Instructor (Tote’n Chit)
Nolan K First Class Trained Den Chief
Jesse R Star OA-sash-ordeal Brave Trained Troop Guide (BBP’s)

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