Calling all Scouters – Popcorn Season is HERE!

There are a lot of changes for us this year, this message is the beginning of the information roll-out. The Big Ones:

1. The App — manages inventory, handles card payments, shows storefront schedules, manages the online sales page and lets scouts set their sales goals and then tracks it!
2. Card Payments — we can take them and it costs no fees to the scout or the unit. 
3. Rewards, Incentives, Prizes, Drawings & Scholarships are back and are up for grabs to the scout ready to earn them! Most rewards will come in an Amazon or Visa Gift Card, letting the scout choose what they really want. (Details coming soon but you can view the flyer & product page here)
4. Storefronts — We need some! How to handle them

– Wagon, Direct Order & Storefront Sales begin September 14 and run through October 31.
– Online sales started YESTERDAY! August 1 and run through October 31, 2019.

The App:

– Download the Trail’s End app from your app store and set up your account.
– You will need your user name, a password and your Council is Mid-America, your District is Iron Horse, and your Unit is Troop 308B or Troop 308G.
– If you had an online sales page last year, your sign on information is the same.
– Parents of multiple scouts: create multiple accounts – one for each of your scouts, you can use the same email address. An update is in the works for next year to fix this.
– Once you are in the app you can set up your online sales page. 
– Choose your favorite product – online has more products & choices
– Add pics & videos about your scouting adventures. Remember the rules about pictures of others!
– ‘About Me’ – Tell your customers why they should support Scout Fundraising in 400 characters.
Example ‘About me’ — you can customize it to be about YOU!:

Check out my popcorn page! Lots of fun and yummy things you’ll love, Scout Promise!
At Cedars Scout Camp this year, I had a great time & got 4 merit badges. Next year I’m going to T-Shab, 5 days of canoeing down the Mighty Mo! Next, I’m off to the 2021 National Jamboree in West Virginia.
My popcorn commissions help pay for all these things and my monthly troop campouts, uniforms and scout gear.
Your purchase here helps make that happen: 

– Preview your page, make adjustments, then SHARE IT! Via email, text or social media, the sharing functions are built into the app.

Card Payments

– Credit/Debit card payments can be accepted through the app with NO FEES! Trail’s End is picking up the fees.
– Cards can be entered manually or via a Square Card Reader.
– 5 Readers are available to the troop, these will go for storefronts and a few available for loan.
– Card readers can be purchased at multiple locations for about $10. Note that newer Apple phones do not have a headphone jack, you will need to purchase the lightening adapter version.


Yep, we need ’em!
Find ’em, book ’em, log ’em, let’s get started!!
– Find ’em: Look for any location where there is foot traffic: big stores, little stores medium sized ones, businesses you know and frequent. 
– Book ’em: Ask everybody! You might be surprised at who is willing to help a scout out. Asking for the manager is usually the place to start.
– Hours to book – anything available within the hours of:
– Saturdays and Sundays: 10 AM – 4 PM
– Weekday evenings: 5:30 – 7:30 PM
– Log ’em: Send an email to popcorn AT with the locationdates & times and who to contact if possible(sometimes it is just ‘Ask for the manager’). 
– Include the dates & times your scout will be working the storefront. This lets us track our sales activity & know what to have available for popcorn, readers & table banners.
– Plan on 1 scout and 1 parent per each 2 hour shift. With the cc payments & the new app many locations have seen sales of about $100-125/hour. This cuts down the number of hours it takes to reach your goals. 

There will be more info at the meeting on Monday, including more details on the rewards and incentive gift cards. 

We will have the product sheets available to review. 

Meanwhile, here are your contact names, links & online resources:Troop 308 Popcorn: Adam Koch & Kat Leffler
email: popcorn AT

Iron Horse District Popcorn Team Leaders: Debbie McGovern & John Sutton
email: ironhorsepopcorn AT

Trail’s End Web Site:

Troop Popcorn Page:

MAC iHub – subscribe to the popcorn channel, view short (2-5 minute) training videos on the app, card payments, the rewards from the MAC & Trail’s End, the Scholarship program and more!

Facebook: There are several groups that may have info on popcorn, some you have to request to join.
Iron Horse Popcorn – there are a number of files here with information about popcorn sales.
Mid-America Boy Scouts — Popcorn/Camp Cards — the MAC fundraising group.
Trail’s End Popcorn Community – nationwide

YouTube: Trail’s End Channel — Lots of helpful videos to get your scout ready to sell that corn!
Trail’s End Scout Training – a single 2-minute video to walk you through using the app.

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